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  • Our Official Launch

    Gorey 01/09/2016

    Promotional Video

    This is a short video by Konjow Films to promote our very successful launch night on the 1st September 2016 in the Ashdown Park Hotel. The event was attended by over 50 local businesses.

    Promotional Video

    Congratulations to all our winners. This is our first video and it shows the results for the Charity vote and the draw for registered businesses with over €3,000 in prizes up for grabs.

    Promotional Video

    Congratulations to all our winners. This is the second video and this one shows the draw for the passport holders. This draw also has over €3,000 worth of prizes and all you had to do to be entered was visit local shops to get your passport stamped.

  • Philip Cullen QFA, RPA

    About OurTown.ie

    Philip Cullen has an award winning small business based in Gorey, Co. Wexford for many years and is passionate about local business, local employment and the local community. Philip founded OurTown.ie in 2016 to bring these passions together in a fun and unique way.


    Ourtown.ie is a simple idea where businesses pay a small fee to register with us. Each registered business then gets an advertisement within the OurTown.ie passport. Ads are specially designed to entice the local community to visit their business, see what they have to offer and to get their passport stamped.


    The passports are delivered to over 8,000 homes in the local area with 2,000 more in local shops, businesses, hotels and tourist attractions. Each business gets a unique stamp and simple tracking system to record and quantify the success of this great initiative .


    Once the passport is completed and returned to OurTown.ie it is entered into a draw for some fabulous prizes. (Please see passport for further details)


    Gorey is the first to benefit but we will quickly spread to other local towns throughout Ireland. If you want your town to be included, please contact OurTown.ie to register your interest.


    What's in it for me?

    For the Business

    Businesses will benefit by ........

    Reaching out to over 8,000 homes and families in the local area with the principal objective being to get them into your place of business. This will increase awareness, promote your business and build relationships with your local audience. OurTown.ie is not dependant on discounts but is an invitation to visit your shop or business. You will also benefit from associated marketing and promotional campaigns and you can easily track and quantify results.

    For the Passport Holder

    Consumers will benefit by ..........

    Discovering businesses and outlets that you may not have been aware of, visited before or have not visited in some time. There is no obligation to purchase, although discounts and offers may be included. You will help local business, local jobs and retain a vibrant local community which is good for us all. You will also enter a draw for some great prizes for just completing and returning your passport.

    For the Community

     The entire community will benefit by ......

    Keeping jobs, businesses and money in the local economy which leads to competition, product diversity and general community well being. Shopping locally also means you are more likely to run into friends and family more often, which helps unite the community together as a whole. Local business owners are also more likely to donate more to local causes.

    For the Sponsors

    Sponsors/Prize Partners benefit by ...........

    Building loyalty in the local area while increasing brand awareness. They also get an advertisement in the passport and additional media coverage throughout the campaign and will present the prizes after the draw.

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the figures speak for themselves.

    Over 8,000 Passports designed, printed and delivered to every home in the local area with another 2,000 in local shops, hotels, businesses, tourism destinations etc.

    Also included is business listing and advertisement on OurTown.ie website, Facebook page etc. The OurTown.ie Local Passport initiative will also generate local and national media coverage. Listed businesses will also be entered into a draw for some great prizes.

    A return of just 5% of the passports will lead to up to 500 new customers and their families visiting your premises to try your service or product.

    This will also work for fees free businesses.

     A 15% return would lead to over 1,500 unique visitors

    An add designed, delivered and tracked will cost less than 25% of a single individual mailshot.

    Unique idea with incentives to ensure passport retained, completed and returned.

    Easy to use tracking system so you know exactly how well system worked for you with our unique stamping system.

    Database also built from returned passports.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have a question that is not answered below please contact us.

    What is the Passport?

    It's a passport sized booklet promoting local businesses through an advertisement and/or offer. When you visit a participating business they will stamp your passport.

    What area is covered?

    The Passport will cover all homes and businesses in the local town, it's Hinterlands and surrounding villages.

    Why should I advertise?

    It's a new, unique and low cost advertising method with a fully trackable success rate. It is not based on discounts but it can be. There will be extensive media interest in the initiative. It promotes people to shop local.

    Why should I use the Passport?

    The is no purchase necessary, but the passport will give you some great offers, discounts etc. It will also give you a reason to visit businesses that you may not have tried before or always wanted to see.

    Why is the Passport different to other types of advertising?

    It is passport sized to be easily retained. It is designed to increase footfall in local businesses and the town as a whole. It is mass advertising in your local area at a very low cost.

    Why should I return the passport?

    Once you have in excess of 80% of the passport completed and it is returned it will be entered into a draw for amazing prizes provided by OurTown.ie and our local sponsors (Sponsors to be confirmed)

    How are the Passports tracked and quantified?

    Once a passport is presented in a participating business it is stamped with a unique stamp. The business itself will have a record of all stamps given out and OurTown.ie will have a record of all stamps and passports returned to us.

    Where do I return the Passport?

    Passports can be returned to Ourtown, dropped in to any participating business or left in the collection box in the Chamber of Commerce offices.

    Ourtown will collect the passports from the Chamber Offices and participating outlets.

    Is this just about selling me stuff?

    Each participating business will decide what offers or incentives are within the passport but the main objective will be to encourage you to visit the business. We want our local town to remain vibrant and getting people into the local businesses will help in this respect.

    Who designs the ads?

    You can either provide your own or we will look after it for you at our expense. You just provide your logo and your chosen call to action. (We can also help with the call to action) Our preferred graphic designer will then design the advertisement for you.

    What businesses can advertise in the Passport?

    This is open to every business. It is especially suitable for shops, tourist destinations, professionals and the service industry.

    How long do I have to complete and return the passport?

    The draw will take place 3 months after passports are delivered. We need the passports returned 1 week before the draw. Full details within the passports itself and reminders will be issued on the web, facebook etc.

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